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Pumpjack Dynamometer Tests

How will Dynamometer Testing Help you?

What is a Dynamometer Test?
A dynamometer test is conducted on a pumping well for diagnostic reasons. Equipment is used that simultaneously measures the load and motion (position) of the polish rod, during the operation of the rod pumping system. This data is analyzed to optimize the operation of the pumping system.

Dynamometer Survey Results Once you have these measurements you can:


A dynamometer analysis allows an operator to determine the loadings and performance of a beam pump system. Rod loadings, beam loadings, gear box loadings, pump performance and downhole gas separator performance can be determined. An easy-to-install compact polished rod transducer is attached to the polished rod below the carrier bar in a few seconds. The polished rod transducer offers safe and easy acquisition of load and position data with sufficient accuracy for most analysis. A quantitative horseshoe load cell that is installed between the carrier bar and the polished rod clamp allows the acquisition of load with precise accuracy. An accelerometer within the transducers provides a reliable technique to determine polished rod position. With both dynamometers, a surface dynamometer card and a downhole pump card are calculated and displayed. Traveling valve and standing valve tests can be performed. When using a horseshoe transducer, a permissible load diagram and torque analysis are available. A motor current sensor allows acquisition of motor current data with the dynamometer data for balancing motor size and motor performance analysis.
  Equipment Performance Evaluation
Aside from knowing what your well is capable of, one must also ensure that the pumping equipment is being used effectively and efficiently. Equipment failures are very expensive considering the lost production and the cost of repairs or replacement. Evaluating the performance of pumping equipment is the other key are in optimizing pumping wells.

All of this is done to reduce your lifting costs and/or increase your production!

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