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Wellsite Regulatory


AER and OGC Regulatory and Compliancy Testing


D-13 Suspended Wellsite Inspections

Definitive Optimization can help you meet your regulatory compliance and corporate responsibilities with our Suspended Well Inspection program. We take our experienced oil and gas operations personnel, and conduct Low and Medium Risk Suspended Well Inspections to meet AER and OGC requirements.

Definitive Optimization has developed a unique reporting platform that will maintain your records in a safe and easy to access database. Your records can also be made available in our “Customer Data” section of our web site or delivered in a hard copy format or other electronic method of your choosing.

Gas Migration Testing

This piece of mind test for the producer that their well-bore pipe is not leaking. If gone undetected these leaks are very expensive to repair and clean up. The Definitive test follows all regulations and requirements of the AER and OGC.

Surface Casing Vent Testing

Click here to view Definitive Opt Sample SCVF Report

Wellhead Seal Testing

This test can be part of the suspended well inspection and along with the surface casing vent test to eliminate the wellhead as the possible leak . Definitive offers the test to all the producers when performing inspection services.

Packer Isolation Testing

Click here to view Sample Packer Isolation Report – Def Opt

Offset Frac Monitoring

Offset Frac Monitoring is a service utilized to monitoring communication between wells during fracing. Companies are able to record information in cases where a reservoir is damaged during the frac, and can satisfy AER Directive 83 to ensure wellhead safety. Offset frac monitoring controls cost overruns to repair producing wells damaged by inter-wellbore communication and build previously unknown reservoir knowledge.

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