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Optimization & Artificial-Lift Training

Definitive Optimization offers a wide range of courses designed to give attendees a thorough introduction and understanding of artificial lift. Basic courses topics begin with Plunger Lift 101 through Theory and Methodology behind all forms of artificial lift. Optimization, Advanced Optimization, Artificial Lift Economics, are some courses available. More advanced course topics cover the advantages and limitations of each system, application considerations, and sample performance predictions for each lift method. Attendees will leave the course with a solid foundation in all forms of lift and the concepts of the selection process to maximize production and return on investment.

Who Should Attend:
Production and field operations engineers, junior and senior petroleum engineers and field technicians; also geoscientists and reservoir engineers who wish to understand the implications of production systems on their field reservoirs. This course helps ensure a broad view of artificial lift, particularly when in-house expertise is limited to one- or two-lift systems.

Topics: Contact your local Definitive Optimization Representative for more information