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Static Bottomhole Pressure Calculations

The static bottom hole pressure (SBHP) represents the energy available to move the fluid from the reservoir to the wellbore. It is one of the key factors in the analysis of well performance. If we do not know how much energy (pressure) is available from the reservoir, we cannot determine how efficiently we are producing the well.

Annular Fluid Gradients

If the annulus is vented at surface and the producing bottom-hole pressure is at or below the bubble point, gas will break-out and bubble up through the liquid above the perforations. This reduces the density of the fluid, altering the annular gradient which is a function of the amount of gas in solution. To calculate an accurate bottom-hole producing pressure, an accurate fluid density must be determined. If the annular fluid is assumed to be all liquid (gas free), the bottom-hole pressure calculated would be higher than the true value, leading to overly optimistic estimates of the well’s producing capability.

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